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Quantum-ready, Passwordless, Multi-Factor Authentication

The world's most advanced unified Identity and Authentication Service.

First ever, Unified identity and Access Management as a Service.

At Nomidio we specialise in protecting identities. Using our federated identity cloud, we liberate companies from holding unnecessary PII and enable secure customer identification for loan applications, verification of customers to access account information and much more.


It all starts with the Nomidio Identity Cloud, which is an incredibly secure, quantum-ready, identity vault. The ID cloud delivers multiple identity services to multiple organisations, removing the need and expensive risk to companies of propagating identity data as is the standard today.

The identity data is secured using our parent company’s patented Quorum multiparty split key cryptography, meaning that anyone wanting to decrypt any one record will require the compliance of other holders of the key fragments.

Nomidio IDP – passwordless authentication

Nomidio IDC is a light touch, highly effective biometric identity and authorisation tool. It is 100% SaaS and can be deployed in minutes – read more

Nomidio IDV enables remote verification of identities, particularly relevant in the current pandemic – read more

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Nomidio creates the ultimate secure connection between companies and their customers

Real-Time Verification

Voice prints are taken by repeating a key phrase on the phone, while facial recognition is performed on a securely taken and uploaded selfie – all in real time.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Enhanced security and protection can be added by using a phone number tied to a customers details. This allows text messages and voice codes to be sent directly to customer mobiles.

Accessible yet Secure

A cloud-hosted service provides access flexibility, with the same advanced security offered by on-site deployments.


Bank-grade, quantum-resistant encryption offers peace of mind against fraud and identity theft.


Pre-verification saves time for call center staff. It reduces customer friction, speeding up the process and increasing conversion. Customer experience is quick, easy and reassuring.


Now available, authenticate your customers in the chat channel, take self service up a level and enable secure self-service for more sensitive requests.


The world’s most advanced unified ID security, powered by real-time voice and facial recognition through biometric technology.

Enhanced GDPR compliance

Know exactly where your customers’ personally identifiable information is and who has access to it.

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