Nomidio IDV Onboarding

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At Nomidio we believe personal identifiable information is yours to control and our IDV offer enables you to biometrically verify yourself against legally verifiable document, such as driving licence or passport and confirm your identity for official purposes.

Built by Nomidio, the encryption experts; Nomidio IDV enables companies to ensure they are lending money or providing assets to the person who has requested it, reducing fraud, and improving the customer experience.

See the onboarding process below.

The Customer

The customer follows an easy-to-use guided path from your invitation email to capture their identity document and a selfie.

idv for face
id check

ID Check

Is it a genuine and valid ID document?

Liveness Check

Is this person physically present to confirm ID?

Face Check

Is the applicant the same person as in the ID document?

The Onboarding Team

Your customer on-boarding team gets an automated verification that the new customer has presented a genuine and valid document and is really the person they are claiming to be.

validity check

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