Identification Verification

Is your customer really who they say they are?

At Nomidio we believe personal identifiable information is yours to control and our IDV offer enables you to biometrically verify yourself against legally verifiable document, such as driving licence or passport and confirm your identity for official purposes.

Built by the encryption experts, Nomidio IDV enables companies to ensure they are lending money or providing assets to the person who has requested it, reducing fraud, and improving the customer experience.

Nomidio IDV

Nomidio IDV is a cloud-based, smartphone-centric identity verification service that organisations use to verify the identity of their customers.

ID check

ID Check

Is it a genuine and  valid ID document?
liveness check

Liveness Check

Is the person physically present to confirm the ID?

Face Check

Is the applicant the same person as in the ID document?
id check

Business Benefits

Reduced risk of fraud, increased completion rates, enhanced GDPR compliance and professional customer experience.

Customer Benefits

Quick and easy to use, seamless customer experience, improved confidence in onboarding process.

Technology Benefits

Deployed from the cloud standalone or integrated state-of-the-art 256-bit AEG-GCM encryption

Watch our Webinar to see how Nomidio IDV works

Business Benefits

Streamlined Back-Office

Automated acquisition of customer data providing your staff with verification results direct to their dashboard

Increased Completion Rates

Seamless customer experience process, leads to higher completion rates, reducing the number of abandoned applications.

Reduced Fraud Risk

Consistently identify fraudulent applications, removing the opportunity for fake or stolen identities to be used.

Enhanced GDPR compliance

Know exactly where your customers’ personally identifiable information is stored and who has access to it.

Customer Benefits

Ease of Use

The browser based app is easy to use, means completing identity checks is a seamless process.


The seamless and secure process inspires customers to complete applications with confidence.

Lower abandonment levels

Nomidio IDV enables quick and easy applications, reducing the number of customers abandoning their applications.

Technology Benefits

Zero Implementation

Deployed immediately from the cloud. Browser access for your back-office staff. Mobile access for your customers with no App needed.


Nomidio IDV can be standalone or integrated into your CRM or contact center applications enabling a seamless customer journey.

No App Required

The customer verification journey is initiated by email and operates through web browser (across devices) so no app is required.

Secure and Consistent Storage

Nomidio is ISO 27001 Certified and all data is transmitted and stored with state-of-the-art 256 bit AES-GCM encryption, providing you with a secure ID verification solution.

Let's work together to implement IDV in your business