About us

At Nomidio we have one priority over and above all others, Self-Sovereign Identity. Our mission is to keep people’s Personally Identifiable Information (PII) safe and under the absolute control of the individual without compromising the ability of the companies serving the individual to offer a world-class customer experience.

Our initial offers to business comprise Identity as a Service (IDaaS), Nomidio Identity Binding (NIB) and Identity Verification (IDV). These modules allow businesses to validate that users are who they say they are, without needing the depth of information that represents a compliance risk under regulations such as GDPR. We still provide data such as; salutation, age bracket and even key dates, just without the specifics that expose businesses and individuals to PII risk.

Our Heritage

Nomidio is part of the PQ Group, which has spent over a decade fulfilling its mission to protect the world’s information from today’s threats and tomorrow’s challenges. Dedicated to ensuring that organisations can carry out their operations safely and securely, the PQ Group provides trust and confidence in business-to-consumer relations.
The PQ Group was initially supported by Barclays Techstars Accelerator, drawing on extensive research and development and going on to work with the likes of NATO and the UK Government.
With a heritage in Post-Quantum Cryptography including 35+ Patents Nomidio have developed the Nomidio Private Identity Cloud as a single place in which PII is encrypted and stored allowing multiple businesses to take advantage of this data in a secure and anonymised way. User ID is Tokenised allowing subscribing business to take advantage of the user Identity without the risk inherent in storing full PII.