AWS & Nomidio

Meet Nomidio: the first biometrically-led consumer and workforce identity and authentication service in the world.

Designed for contact centres and consumer websites as well as corporate applications and Single Sign-On, Nomidio’s cloud-hosted service offers a fool-proof, fraud-proof way to identify and authenticate your customers and your workforce.

Nomidio eliminates the need for remembering passwords and repeating personal information to a stranger. Instead, it verifies a person’s identity using their voice and face. Enhanced security, powered by biometric technology, delivered as a service.


AWS Marketplace Offerings

Nomidio IDC

Nomidio is a biometric customer identity service for contact centres voice and chat. Verify your customers without using passwords. Nomidio manages all registration and verifications, allowing you to securely engage with your customers without implementing your own biometric verification system

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Nomidio IDP

FREE 31 DAY TRIAL WHEN YOU SUBSCRIBE TO PAY-AS-YOU-GO. Nomidio IDP is a biometric, passwordless multi-factor authentication service certified to OpenID Connect. Served from the cloud with zero footprint on a pay per use basis. It enables biometric single sign-on with an app-free user experience.

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