Nomidio launch IDC for Amazon Connect

Nomidio is an Advanced Technology Partner in the AWS Partner Network (APN), and is pleased to announce Nomidio IDC is live on AWS Marketplace, the solution natively integrates with Amazon Connect to provide an exceptional customer journey.

We are the first biometrically-led unified ID and authentication service in the world. Designed with call centers, consumer websites and online businesses in mind, Nomidio’s cloud-hosted service offers a fool-proof, fraud-proof way to identify and authenticate your customers via talk, chat and web.

Nomidio eliminates the need for remembering passwords and repeating personal information to multiple company employees. Instead, it verifies customers identity using their voice and their face. Biometric technology ensures the security and the simplicity of the service.

The on-boarding and account setup process can also be automated, using Nomidio’s identity verification service to validate the true identity of the consumer. Visit Nomidio IDV to find out more.

IDC is currently available in UK, EMEA and US.

The Nomidio IDC Solution

Nomidio IDC is a SaaS solution enabling customers to verify their identity before securely connecting with your call center or website. This eliminates the need for organisations to hold unnecessary PII , reduces agents time to verify the customers identity and improves the customer experience.


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Real-Time Verification

Voice prints are taken by repeating a key phrase on the phone, while facial recognition is performed on a securely taken and uploaded selfie, all in real-time.

Accessible & Secure

A cloud-hosted service provides access flexibility, with the same advanced security offered by on-site deployment.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Enhanced security and protection is provided by using multiple biometric factors and tying a phone number and device to the customer details. This allows text messages and security keys to be exchanged directly with customer mobiles.

Fraud Proof

Bank-grade, quantum-resistant encryption offers peace of mind against fraud and identity theft.

Benefits of Implementing IDC


Pre-verification saves between 30 and 120 seconds per call time for call center staff. It reduces customer friction, speeding up the process and increasing conversion.


The seamless and secure process inspires customers to trust that the business is taking their security seriously.


The world’s most advanced unified ID security, powered by real-time voice and facial recognition through biometric technology.

Watch our IDC overview

Use Case 1 - Contact Centers

Available from AWS Marketplace, Nomidio IDC works directly with Amazon Connect, providing a seamless customer experience from verifying their identity to engaging with a customer agent.

contact centers

Amazon Connect chat demo

Use Case 2 - Websites

Providing an omni-channel verification solution, customers use Nomidio IDC to verify their ID to log onto their customer account without the need for passwords.


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